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About Kevin Bohn

I’ve been a photographer for most of my career, but I am more, I am also a creative jack-of-all-trades. Commonly I’m the one that is called upon to fix random problems, or solve last minute crisis, I’m the guy who is an asset in every situation. I have worked with a wide variety of clients; national brands to start ups, celebrity models to “bro” fill ins. In addition to being able to work equally in a wide range of industries; micro parts to classic muscle cars, pharmaceutical sales meetings to non-profit fun runs and galas, and extensive experience in nationally branded sportswear products, these mix of situations has enhanced my ability to think on my feet, coordinate the right team for the job, be adaptable to any situation that comes up, and be a real out of the box thinker. As the result of running my own business, I have gained experience with invaluable tools that puts me above others, I am able to oversee many projects at the same time, while being able to prioritize and keep them organized as well. I have the ability to not just think about the task at hand, but to see how that task affects the process five steps down the line and on into the entire operation. Having been part of a process from initial concept through production and into delivery shows that I have not only the understanding, but the skills to undertake a project from initial development, to photography thru to image editing, and to finishing up with delivery of final imagery and onto to product development. While I am extremely detail oriented to the task at hand, my skills in seeing the big picture and complete process, and being able to apply changes that improve production and save costs later is a great asset to any employer.

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